Four Signs That Your Air Compressor Needs an Overhaul

Four Signs That Your Air Compressor Needs an Overhaul

2 August 2023
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Air compressors are designed to last for a long time. However, everything wears down, and there will be times when your compressor needs to be overhauled if it is to continue functioning properly. Here are some signs that it is time for your compressor to be overhauled.

Loud Noises

The first warning sign is any unusual noise coming from your compressor. This can take the form of clicks, rumbles, rattles, bangs or any other unusual sound. These machines are noisy at first, but you will probably notice if there is a new sound or if the noise becomes louder. There are a number of problems that can cause extra noise, such as worn parts or incorrect fluid levels. They can be fixed by getting your compressor serviced as soon as possible.

High Temperature

A second sign that something is wrong is an excessively high temperature. Air compressors generate heat during their normal operation, but this is usually safely dissipated throughout the system. If your compressor is becoming hotter than usual, it may need more lubricant or replacement parts. Excess heat can quickly become a safety hazard and can lead to the failure of the system as a whole. The only safe thing to do is to have the compressor overhauled so that it can return to its normal operation.

Low Pressure

A decrease in pressure is a third sign of trouble. A leak in the compressor will lead to a decrease in its efficiency. Such leaks can occur anywhere in the system and can be hard to detect. If you have a leak, you will be using more energy to achieve a poorer result. Fixing the leak will lower your energy use and improve the performance of the compressor. The best way to do this is by a full compressor service and overhaul.

Excess Moisture

Finally, condensation can form in the compressor and reduce its performance. Some moisture in the system is inevitable and is part of the normal workings of the compressor, and the system will usually remove this moisture automatically. If there is more moisture forming than usual, there may be a fault with the air treatment equipment. You will need to have this fixed to keep the compressor operating efficiently.

Compressor overhaul is a job for a professional servicing company. By getting your air compressor serviced, you will extend its life and ensure it continues to operate at maximum efficiency.