Elements You Need To Understand Before Hiring a Scissor Lift

Elements You Need To Understand Before Hiring a Scissor Lift

21 April 2020
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Scissor lifts offer great help during construction jobs. They help you and your contractors work at heights. You need to understand various things before you decide on scissor lift hire. These aspects will help you avoid consequences as you work with the massive machine. These are the vital points to know before you hire a scissor lift.

 They Have Large Platforms

The platforms you get with scissor lifts are more extensive compared to the ladders. Thus, it can take up various workers at the same time. It can also accommodate workers and their tools. The large platform also allows workers to reach a broader area at the same time. They do not need to keep repositioning the machine. With the ladders, contractors will need to reposition themselves every time. But, you need to know the measurements of the working area. That will help you get the ideal size of the scissor lift.

They Are Safer Than Ladders

Scissor lifts have platforms with safety features. These features help to protect workers from falling as they work. A railing surrounds the entire platform. The railing has an opening where one can climb and get off the scissor lift. You will also need to give your workers safety harnesses and clip them to the railing. All these safety measures reduce the risk of accidents when working.

Every Model Has a Different Height and Lift Capacity

Many scissor platforms can accommodate about four men together with their equipment. The height of the scissor lift is between 2 to 18 metres. The best thing is that you can stop these lifts at different heights. That allows you to work up and down the walls. When hiring the machines, you should check their lift capacity. That way, you may know if one is enough for your project. If you are dealing with a big project, you may need to hire two scissor lifts. That way, you can accommodate all the workers and their gear.

Get Electric Lifts When Working Indoors

Finally, sometimes you may need to work with a scissor lift on your indoors. In such cases, it is best to go with the electric lifts. That is because the devices powered with a battery tend to produce harmful fumes. These can lead to serious health issues. Thus, electric scissor lifts are the ideal choice when working indoors. Most of them will even include non-marking tires. Such tires do not cause any mess as you work.