Qualities That Make an Excellent Industrial Metal Broom Bracket

Qualities That Make an Excellent Industrial Metal Broom Bracket

30 April 2020
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The bracket is one of the most important components of the industrial broom. It gives the head of the broom the stability needed to push debris off the floor. It also ensures that the handle of the broom does not come off during sweeping. Broom brackets come in some materials, with the most common being plastic and metal. The plastic bracket is cheap and easy to install. However, if you want a durable broom bracket, metal is the best alternative. Here are some of the qualities that you should look for in the bracket.

Adjustable Diameter

The handles of industrial brooms vary in thickness. Most of the time, the brooms are sold separately with the handles, and you can get the handle as a spare. This means that if you get a thicker handle to replace the one that broke and the bracket has a rigid diameter, they will not match. It is, therefore, advisable to pick a metallic bracket whose diameter can be adjusted so that the cleaner can choose the handle size that works best for them. 

Ease of Handle Replacement

Another quality that you should look for in a metallic bracket is how easy it will be to replace the handle. Most yard brooms have handles that can be replaced in one to two minutes. However, if the brooms are going to be used in an industrial environment, you have to make sure that they can be replaced as fast as possible. If the person making the changes is getting stuck on one broom for eight to ten minutes, the efficiency of the changeover process has already been lost. Before buying the broom, it is important to try and perform the removal and re-installation of a handle. If you manage it in less than three minutes, you can buy them in large amounts.

Corrosion Resistance

An industrial broom is likely to come into contact with a lot of moisture and other chemicals during its lifetime. If you are not careful about the metal used to make the bracket, you will end up having to replace them very often. It is advisable to find stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant alternatives as they will last longer and give you less headache.

Other qualities to look for in a metal broom bracket include the user-friendliness and finishing. A bracket is a tool that you have to touch often, and if the edges are rough, it might harm the user. When you choose brackets from reliable suppliers, you are assured of quality.