Critical Parts to Inspect During Maintenance of Industrial Fans

Critical Parts to Inspect During Maintenance of Industrial Fans

24 September 2020
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Industrial facilities need adequate and efficient airflow to maintain safe operating conditions of machines and promote employee health and wellness. It is the reason why industrial facilities install industrial fans. Industrial facilities prefer industrial fans because they act as air purifiers, thereby eliminating the need for air conditioning units and dehumidifiers. That said, industrial fans have many moving parts and require regular maintenance to perform efficiently. This article highlights critical components to inspect during maintenance of industrial fans.

Bearing Lubrication

The sheer weight of industrial fan blades requires that the bearings are properly lubricated at all times. This is because the rotating parts produce a lot of heat and can lead to the grinding of poorly lubricated bearings. Therefore, it is essential to inspect the bearings' lubrication levels during a standard inspection and replenish the lubricant if necessary. Additionally, choosing the right type of lubricant can be the difference between keeping an industrial fan functioning properly or exposing the bearings to premature wear. Besides, it is advisable to use oils recommended by the manufacturer of an industrial fan.


Airfoils should also be given top priority during the maintenance of an industrial fan. It is especially the case for industrial fans where an airfoil is inclined backward. Fans with this design or orientation tend to collect contaminant deposits readily, which can affect the airflow rate, consequently reducing the efficiency of a fan. The reason is that the backward leaning design causes contaminants to slide back into any crevice or space. During an inspection, ensure that you examine the spaces between airfoils for signs of debris and contaminant deposits and clean up if you find any. Regular cleaning promotes airflow through a fan, thereby keeping operational costs low.

Fan Support

Not only are industrial fans massive, but they are also always moving. Therefore, the support onto which fans are mounted needs to be in good condition at all times. Unfortunately, the support can get loose over time due to the constant vibrations and exposure to the elements such as moisture and rust. Sadly, most industrial facilities wait until the fasteners of a fan support system loosen before a technician can attend to the issue. Notably, a support platform in poor condition might lead to severe damage or accidents if left unchecked. Therefore, in addition to inspecting the main fan, ensure that you examine the support system for integrity.

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