3 Benefits of Using Dumpy Levels in Land Surveying

3 Benefits of Using Dumpy Levels in Land Surveying

14 April 2021
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If you're working on a land surveying project, then you'll need to use an accurate horizontal level to make key measurements. Optical levels, also known as dumpy levels, are a good all-around option.

What are the advantages of using dumpy levels?

1. Simple to Set Up and Use

Some surveying levels are quite complicated to use. They have a lot of moving parts. You'll have to spend time setting up the device and taking the measurements you need.

Dumpy levels are easier to set up. You simply put the level in an appropriately stable spot and then calibrate it.

To do this, you use levelling screws to move the device until its bubble is level. A device usually has three screws which enable you to make adjustments from all sides. This is easy to do even if you're working in a tight spot.

Once your level is ready, you get a clear view through its optical eyepiece. You can take your measurements clearly from your staff or measure.

Plus, if you use a level with automated features, then it is even easier to use. For example, some products allow you to take measurements from the eyepiece. You won't have to look away to note a reading.

2. High Levels of Accuracy

Accuracy is key to a successful surveying job. If you don't get your measurements right, then you'll make potentially big and costly mistakes.

Despite its simple set-up, a dumpy level gives accurate readings. As long as your bubble is level, you're good to go.

3. Rugged Construction

Some surveying levels are easier to damage than others. For example, digital models contain a lot of delicate parts that could get damaged if you drop the device or if it falls over. If a level hits something hard or gets dust inside, then it might stop working correctly or at all.

Given that you'll use a level outdoors in different kinds of conditions, it makes sense to use a more robust device if you can. A dumpy level ticks this box.

These levels don't contain as many moving or vulnerable parts as other devices. They have a lower risk of getting internal damage.

Plus, most models have rugged and resilient shells. They can take a fall without getting damaged. Extra features like watertight seals mean that you can even use a dumpy level in the rain without worrying about it getting wet.

To find out more about dumpy levels and how they work, ask land surveying equipment suppliers for advice.