Red Flags of Impending Roof Window Damage That Should Have You Visit a Skylight Manufacturer

Red Flags of Impending Roof Window Damage That Should Have You Visit a Skylight Manufacturer

20 April 2021
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Skylights are undoubtedly a great investment for any structure, whether commercial or residential. These roof windows offer a range of benefits, making them a must-have for property owners. Not only do they allow for your interiors to be illuminated by natural sunlight but the vented variety also helps facilitate improved airflow in the property. However, a misassumption that some homeowners make is thinking that once they engage in skylight installation they will never have to enlist these services again, but this is untrue.

Similar to your roof, these windows can acquire damage over time or simply succumb to wear. You should detect skylight failure early so that you can have these structures replaced in good time. Keep reading for red flags of impending roof window damage that should have you visit a skylight manufacturer.

Persistent condensation

There are several reasons why your skylights will have condensation collecting on them. Skylights installed in bathrooms, for example, will steam up each time that's someone takes a shower. Alternatively, if the skylights are located close to appliances that emit heat, such as a dryer, the glass will appear foggy when this appliance is in use. But condensation should not be a regular occurrence. The moment that you notice that this moisture is collecting between the panes of glass rather than on their surface, you should be concerned about the need for replacement.

The most common reason why your skylights could succumb to persistent condensation is when they lose their water-resistant specifications. Resultantly, the moisture not only makes its way into the glass panes but can spread to your roofing structure too, and this will lead to extensive damage. Visiting a skylight manufacturer ensures you replace the damaged roof windows in time while simultaneously protecting your roof from undue damage.

Widespread yellowing

Although there are different reasons why your skylight windows could become discoloured, yellowing is one of the more common issues that homeowners contend with. The onset of yellowing usually marks that the skylight windows are on their last legs. The older these windows get, the higher the likelihood of spontaneous breakage and other types of defects since the glass panes have lost their integrity over time. If your skylight windows are made of vinyl, the yellowing is indicative of the resins in this compound degrading with time.

At the outset, yellowing may simply seem like a cosmetic issue that some homeowners are prepared to live with, but this is not the only problem that it causes. The discolouration inadvertently makes it harder to see through your skylight windows so that you cannot make the most of natural illumination as you previously did. To be on the safe side, it is best to seek the services of a skylight manufacturer that can customise new roof windows to suit your needs.

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