3 Benefits of Installing Vibrating Tables on Your Chocolate Production Line

3 Benefits of Installing Vibrating Tables on Your Chocolate Production Line

21 March 2022
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If your company makes chocolate or chocolate products, then you might find it useful to add vibrating tables to your production line. What are the advantages of doing this?

1. Eliminate Air Bubbles

As you create your chocolate products, you might run into problems with air bubbles. Air can get trapped in chocolate as you make it, work it, shape it and mould it. If these bubbles settle inside the chocolate, then they create a void. If they settle towards the outside, then they create a lump or bump.

Your aim should be to eliminate excess air bubbles from your products. They don't help you get the finish you want, especially if you're producing high-end products. Your customers won't be happy if the bars or sweets they buy are full of air rather than chocolate.

If you run your products over a vibrating table during the production process, then you can eliminate most air bubbles. The vibrations push the bubbles out of the chocolate to the surface. Most will then simply pop and disappear. This is an easy way to improve the quality of your products.

2. Get Easier Demoulding

If you use moulds on some products, then you have to find the best way to de-mould your products at the right time during the manufacturing process. You typically do this when the chocolate has set and cooled enough to hold its shape out of a mould.

While you can take your products out of their moulds by hand, this can be a tricky process. If you don't get your timing exactly right, then your chocolate could get damaged if it isn't ready to come out of its mould.

If you run your moulds over a vibrating table as they cool, then the vibrations will start to loosen the chocolate out of the moulds. You'll find it a lot easier to de-mould your products without causing any damage to the chocolate.

3. Speed up Your Production Process

While you can remove air bubbles and de-mould chocolate products manually, you can only produce products to the working rate of your teams. They affect how many products you can manufacture because they can only work so fast.

If you install vibrating tables, then you make these jobs easier for your workers. The tables take most of the air extraction and de-moulding strain. Your people can work faster, and you can increase your production capacity.

To see some examples of suitable tables and to find out more about their benefits, contact vibrating tables suppliers or manufacturers.