Which type of wire rope is the right choice for you?

24 August 2020
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Wire rope is a strong but flexible type of rope that is formed by winding strands of wire around a central core. It is widely used in many industries, including the construction, agriculture and marine industries. However there are several types, and if you want to get the best from your wire rope, you will need to ensure you are using the best one. Stainless steel The standard type of wire rope is made from stainless steel. Read More …

Why Investing in Routine Electrical Maintenance Is a Worthwhile Idea

29 July 2020
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As a responsible homeowner, you should take appropriate measures to ensure that your loved ones and visitors are safe when in your home. If you use electricity to light up your home and to operate your appliances, you must come up with an excellent maintenance program that will protect everyone against electrical failure, shock and other accidents.  Hiring electrical maintenance experts frequently will make your home a secure haven. Your property will be free from electrical hazards. Read More …

An Expert’s View on Flow Aids and Their Applications

17 July 2020
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Flow aids are systems that aid in the movement of materials in various systems. You'll commonly find them in conveyors or continuous flow processes. This post discusses the three main types of flow aids, as well as their applications. Read on for more. Chemical Flow Aids Various chemicals are useful flow aids and help in altering the flow of bulk materials. Such additives function by guarding the host particles against bonding together through surface coating particles. Read More …

4 Factors You Should Bear in Mind When Hiring Earthmoving Equipment

30 June 2020
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Whether you are building or demolishing a building, you expect a lot of digging, scooping and also carrying the construction materials from point A to point B. However, all this is only possible if you have the right earthmoving equipment to use. Without an earthmover, the construction work you could complete within a few days might take several weeks.  The fact that you don't own an earthmover shouldn't delay your construction project. Read More …

Two pieces of advice to follow if you want to start using air cannons in your factory

16 June 2020
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If you plan to start using air cannons in your factory, you should take note of the advice provided below. Don't assume that the most powerful air cannon will be the right one for your facility When it comes to buying industrial equipment for their factories, some businesspeople assume they should always opt for the biggest and most powerful versions of the machinery they need. This is not necessarily the right approach for those who need air cannons. Read More …